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Pigment Powders

We manufacture premium grade pigment powders that have high tinting strength. The best thing about our pigments is that they remain constant in solid form even at ambient temperatures. These are widely used for various industrial applications that include coloring fabrics, ink, cosmetic, plastic, food, paint and many more. The material used to formulate pigment powders is absolutely harmless. Our range of pigment powders include organic pigments, inorganic pigments and pigment pastes.

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Textile Pigments

Textile Pigments

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Product Details:
ColorRed, green, Yellow, red, blue, Violet
UsageUsed for coloring in textile.
Packaging TypePlastic Boxes
Water SolubleYes
These textile pigments are available in bright, brilliant and strong shades. It is amongst few red pigments which has very good fastness to soap and hence used in making printing inks for soap wrappers and also in the preparation of textile printing emulsions.

these textile pigments are available in the following types:

product namec. I. Nameapplication
amcron green 8008pigment green 8paint
amcron green 9036pigment green 36paint, plastics
amcron rhodamine 4081pigment red 81printing ink
amcron pink 4169pigment red 169printing ink
amcron violet 5001pigment violet 1printing ink
amcron violet 5003pigment violet 3printing ink
amcron violet 5003 slpigment violet 3printing ink
amcron violet 5027pigment violet 27printing ink
amcron blue 6001pigment blue 1printing ink
amcron blue 6014pigment blue 14printing ink
amcron green 8001pigment green 1printing ink
inorganic pigments  
amcron primrose chrome 2101pigment yellow 34paint & plastic
amcron lemon chrome 2122pigment yellow 34paint & plastic
amcron middle chrome 2132pigment yellow 34paint & plastic
amcron molybdate orange 4145pigment red 104paint & plastic
amcron ultramarine blue 6029pigment blue 29paint & plastic
amcron milori blue 6027pigment blue 27printing ink & paint
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Pigment Pastes

Pigment Pastes

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Product Details:
ColorRed, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange
UsageUsed mainly in Textile Industry.
We ensure standard quality of the pigment pastes and supply these pigment pastes as per specific requirement for bulk and small orders.

Various types of pigment pastes are as follows:

Product name

C. I. name

Amcrafine yellow 2001

pigment yellow 1

Amcrafine yellow 2003

pigment yellow 3

Amcrafine yellow 2083

pigment yellow 83

Amcrafine orange3005

pigment orange 5

Amcrafine red 4008

pigment red 8

Amcrafine red 4112

pigment red 112

Amcrafine violet 5023

pigment violet 23

Amcrafine blue 6015

pigment blue 15

Amcrafine blue 7153

pigment blue 15:3

Amcrafine green 8007

pigment green 7

Amcrafine black 9507

pigment black 7

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Product Brochure

Product Details:
Usageused for coloring paint, ink, plastic, fabric, cosmetics, food, and other materials
ColorRed, Blue, Green, Pink, yellow, Brown,Orange
Packaging TypePowder
We have a wide range of pigments in brilliant and strong shades.
AMCRON Yellow 2001 Pigment Yellow 1 Paint
AMCRON Yellow 2003 Pigment Yellow 3 Paint
AMCRON Yellow 1012 Pigment Yellow 12Printing Ink - Transparent
AMCRON Yellow 2012 Pigment Yellow 12 Printing Ink - Opaque
AMCRON Yellow 2013Pigment Yellow 13 Printing Ink, Paint & Plastic
AMCRON Yellow 1014 Pigment Yellow 14Printing Ink - Transparent
AMCRON Yellow 2014 Pigment Yellow 14 Printing Ink, Opaque
AMCRON Yellow 2017 Pigment Yellow 17 Printing Ink, Paint & Plastic
AMCRON Yellow 2074 Pigment Yellow 74 Paint
AMCRON Yellow 2074 LF Pigment Yellow 74 Paint & Pigment Paste
AMCRON Yellow 2083 Pigment Yellow 83 Printing Ink, Paint & Plastic
AMCRON Yellow 2083 LF Pigment Yellow 83 Paints & Pigment Pastes
AMCRON Yellow 2127 Pigment Yellow 127 Printing Ink
AMCRON Yellow 2174 Pigment Yellow 174 Printing Ink
AMCRON Yellow 2065 RM Pigment Yellow 65 Paint
AMCRON Orange 3005 Pigment Orange 5 Printing Ink, Paint & Pigment Paste
AMCRON Orange 3013 Pigment Orange 13 Printing Ink, Plastic & Pigment Paste
AMCRON Orange 3034 Pigment Orange 34 Paint
AMCRON Orange 3034 LF Pigment Orange 34 Paint & Pigment Paste
AMCRON Red 4002 Pigment Red 2 Paint
AMCRON Scarlet 4003 Pigment Red 3 Paint
AMCRON Toludine Red 4003 Pigment Red 3 Paint
AMCRON Signal Red 4004 Pigment Red 4 Paint & Printing Ink
AMCRON Carmine 4005 Pigment Red 5 Printing Ink
AMCRON Red 4008 Pigment Red 8 Paint and Pigment Paste
AMCRON Red 4012 Pigment Red 12 Paint & Pigment Paste
AMCRON Red Toner 4481 Pigment Red 48:1 Paint
AMCRON Red Toner 4482 Pigment Red 48:2 Paint & Plastic
AMCRON Red Toner 4483 Pigment Red 48:3 Paint, Printing Ink & Plastic
AMCRON Red Toner 4484 Pigment Red 48:4 Paint & Plastic
AMCRON Lithol Red 4491 Pigment Red 49:1 Printing Ink & Paint
AMCRON Red Lake 4531 Pigment Red 53:1 Printing Ink
AMCRON Red Lake 4531 LP Pigment Red 53:1 Plastic & Printing Ink
AMCRON Rubine 4571 Pigment Red 57:1 Printing Ink
AMCRON Rubine H4BE Pigment Red 57:1 Printing Ink
AMCRON Rubine H4BN Pigment Red 57:1 Printing Ink
AMCRON Rubine 4571 LP Pigment Red 57:1 Plastic & Printing Ink
AMCRON Maroon 4631 Pigment Red 63:1 Paint
AMCRON Fast Red 4112 Pigment Red 112 Paint
AMCRON Fast Red 4112 LF Pigment Red 112 Printing Ink, Paint & Pigment Paste
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Organic Pigments

Organic Pigments

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Product Details:
Usageused in the coloring of inks, paints, rubber products, plastic products and coating printing size
ColorGreen, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red.

We offer an assortment of good quality organic pigments. These organic pigments are used to in the composition of inks, dry colors, paints, plastic, rubber and others.

Pigment powders (new products)



Pigment yellow 62


Pigment yellow 65


Pigment yellow 97


Pigment yellow 151

coatings, plastics

Pigment yellow 155

coatings, plastics

Pigment yellow 191.1


Pigment yellow 194

coatings, plastics

Pigment orange 16

inks, coatings, plastics

Pigment orange 36


Pigment red 5


Pigment red 38

plastics, rubber

Pigment red 52.1


Pigment red 52.2


Pigment red 60.1


Pigment red 210

coatings, inks

Pigment violet 5.1



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